Our Story

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How We Came To Be

As chocolate enthusiasts ourselves, we always look for chocolate that not only tastes good but does good too. Most chocolate bars we found in the marketplace had tons of ingredients, added preservatives to increase shelf life, and a very low actual cocoa percentage.
This got us thinking.. how difficult it is to find fresh and healthy chocolate in India?

So one day we thought it would be a great idea to make and sell real chocolate from which we could derive all its health benefits. We committed our time and effort to offer you a tasty sugar-free fresh chocolate bar only for your extravagance.

Mission & Vision

At Burlington, the chocolates are made in small batches when orders are placed. This ensures that when the customer receives the chocolate bars, it’s fresh and healthy.

We sweeten our Fitness Chocolate Bars with Stevia, an alternative to sugar, which ensures that you enjoy the sweetness of chocolate without any guilt.

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